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    The World Immunisation & Logistics Summit by HOPE Consortium, Bringing Leaders Together To Help Combat COVID-19

    The World Immunisation & Logistics Summit, hosted by the HOPE Consortium, took place from the 29th – 30th March 2021. Bringing together world leaders and senior decision-makers representing key multi-national NGOs, IGOs, academia and public and private stakeholders, leading the charge in the collective human effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The biggest global gathering of its kind, the virtual summit was attended by over 2,500 participants, including key representatives from WHO, UNICEF and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The open forum discussed the logistical challenges of vaccine mobilisation from production to patient, intending to find scalable, real-world solutions to achieve mass, equitable worldwide distribution.

    The discussions, ideas, solutions and connections made during this groundbreaking event will undoubtedly contribute to our collective future as we face the next critical phase of the fight against COVID-19.


    The HOPE Consortium

    We moved quickly, utilising our infrastructure and logistics capabilities and geographic proximity with Africa, Asia and Europe, to offer medical and food aid to many countries. Our HOPE Consortium has gathered its expertise to secure more vaccines for the world – the faster we can vaccinate populations, ensuring the equitable and fair access to vaccines in a cost-effective manner, the faster we overcome the virus and begin to recover globally. The UAE will continue to work with partners and play a leading role to accelerate the pace and overcome the crisis.

    H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
    Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE


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    Cooperation and Collaboration: The collective human effort...

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    COVID-19 Vaccines Pharma and Manufacturers Panel...

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    Ensuring supply chain integrity...

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    Demand planning, preparedness and overcoming challenges...

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    Focus on Middle East Panel: Coordinating vaccine logistics...

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    Cooperation and Collaboration: The collective human effort to save lives and support global economic recovery

    A keynote panel discussion on the key challenges faced so far, the corresponding actions taken, and the learnings made, as we face the next critical phase of the fight against COVID-19.

    COVID-19 Vaccines Pharma and Manufacturers Panel: The race against time

    A session exploring the unprecedented, accelerated process of COVID-19 vaccines R&D, vaccine efficacy against current and future strains of COVID-19, WHO recommendations on vaccines use, understanding the unique vaccine properties and distribution requirements, forecasting the vaccine pipeline and equity in distribution and access to the COVID-19 vaccines.

    Ensuring supply chain integrity

    A panel discussion looking at the role of technology as a fundamental part of a complete integrated logistics solution for efficient vaccine transport and distribution. Exploring demand planning to maintain vaccine integrity, interface between modes of transportation, data-enabled supply chains: Digital solutions for real-time monitoring of vaccine cargo and blockchain solutions for supply chain performance.

    Demand planning, preparedness and overcoming challenges in vaccine administration

    A panel discussion bringing together a diverse panel of experts to discuss how best to coordinate and overcome the challenges of a mass global COVID-19 immunisation programme discussing: vaccination programme roll-out, public education, workforce preparedness and workforce shortages and supply, storage and capacity challenges.

    Focus on Middle East Panel: Coordinating vaccine logistics operations in the Middle East

    A session exploring the work that is being done across the region to vaccinate all citizens and residents and the lessons learned to date, examine ongoing challenges and how these are being addressed and finally, examine the role the region can play in supporting the efficient and effective delivery of vaccines to other parts of the world.

    Focus on Africa Panel: Overcoming complex logistical challenges to ensure equitable access to vaccinations across Africa

    A panel discussion bringing together a range of experts to talk about how supply chain partnerships can help to bridge the gap, overcoming financial and infrastructural challenges to ensure and estimated total population of over 1.2billion across 54 countries receive access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Focus on Asia Panel: Vaccine production and distribution across Asia

    A panel discussion looking at the latest developments in vaccine production and the current challenges facing distribution around the region, and how further collaboration and partnership agreements are supporting supply chain performance to navigate regulatory hurdles, overcome supply bottlenecks and accessing and supplying remote locations.


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    Top Summit Quotes

    The Summit represents a critical moment for the global community to come together and develop scalable solutions in our collective battle against the pandemic. Now is the time to build a broad network of world-class partners to safely deliver vaccines for the region and beyond. As the HOPE Consortium continues to expand its network of partners, we will continue to advocate for the sharing of knowledge and capabilities
    H.E. Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa Al Hammadi
    Chairman, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development