Abu Dhabi Hub

Strategically Positioned at the Gateway to 2/3rds of the Global Population

Abu Dhabi’s logistical capabilities, connectivity and strategic location provide a unique advantage as a central hub for vaccine distribution to support the global response to the pandemic.

Abu Dhabi has an established track record in delivering humanitarian supplies, with the emirate having delivered humanitarian support to 250 destinations around the world.

Abu Dhabi, combined with HOPE Consortium’s industry-leading partners, provides a complete end-to-end solution covering both the physical movement of vaccines in parallel with a digital solution monitoring and reporting on the supply chain progress and compliance of vaccines from production to patient.

Fast becoming a global life science and logistics hub with extensive investments across healthcare manufacturing, R&D, logistics and infrastructure, Abu Dhabi provides a one-stop solution for COVID-19 vaccines around the world.


HOPE Consortium Delivers Scale
And Reach

HOPE Consortium can deliver anywhere in the world. Through Etihad Cargo, their global network of trusted partners and HOPE Consortium’s first & last mile global freight forwarding partnerships we have geographical proximity to ~3.6Bn people within 10 hours of Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi Delivering For The World’s Needs

Abu Dhabi’s strategic location is a major advantage in providing a providing a hub & spoke model that can align vaccine deliveries according to destination countries or organisations’ ability to absorb them – making sure every vaccine counts.

Providing critical support for countries and organisations with limited refrigeration and logistical infrastructure, HOPE Consortium’s vaccine hub in Abu Dhabi can safely store vaccine supply in cold & ultra-cold warehouses – only shipping new supplies when previous shipments have been safely absorbed and administered.


Etihad Cargo, the first airline in the Middle East to be IATA Pharma certified has direct connections to the globe through a global network of trusted partners providing an integral link between Asia, Europe, Africa and the US.


AD Ports operates an advanced
19,000sqm cold & ultra-cold storage facility – one of the largest in the region and beyond. Capable of storing vaccines at temperatures from +8 °C to -80 °C with expanding capacity to hold in excess of 120 million vaccine doses at any time.


AD Ports provides end-to-end logistics support, clearing and freight management, storage, order processing and re-distribution and is strategically located in close proximity to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and DWC airports.


mUnity, Vaccine Management System designed by Maqta Gateway, the digitalisation cluster of AD Ports, delivers a fully integrated blockchain-enabled digital supply chain solution that enables end-to-end track and trace of vaccines to support demand planning.


Rafed, as a Global Purchasing Organisation can leverage the bulk purchasing power of the UAE and is experienced in managing purchased of large volumes of vaccines, pharmaceutical products and supporting humanitarian initiatives.


SkyCell, award winning temperature-controlled container solutions can maintain cold and ultra-cold temperatures for extended periods is opening the largest regional service and manufacturing centre in Abu Dhabi, offering a best-in-class solution for cold transport globally.

Last Mile Delivery

Abu Dhabi, and the HOPE Consortium have established streamlined & flexible last mile delivery with digital visibility every step of the way through leading global freight forwarders.



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    For further detailed information on the HOPE Consortium and how we can support you, please complete the form below to download our brochure.